Questions of Access to Information

Banque Gende is a public cooperative.

Banque Gende is a carefully organized cooperative designed to guarantee that a user or member never loses his memory data. It is designed to guarantee truth and security in financial transactions.
Banque Gende exceeds all known
international standards. All requests for information will be seen by people to whom truth and virtue are more important than money, and they will carefully analyze every request for access to:

1. Personal Memory Records
2. Banking Histories
3. Reports of professional work interactions
Information about past professional transactions can be made available through recognizers.
4. What information records would be kept and which would be destroyed
The Person's Money Itself

decisions about:
Truth or fiction in applications
presented for memory data
Review of performance of network cooperative members
Comparative Ratings of Services

Banque Gende promotes a secure and un-stealable identity for members.
Banque Gende
ultimately guarantees that complete life records will be available to user-authorized friends and relatives [and judge-appointed authorities] after a user dies.

recognizers will guarantee protection of personal memory storage from unqualified intervention by government people, and no intervention in the personal memory storage of members.

Banque Gende


Circles of Access